Unschooling Conferences

Unschooling Conferences & gatherings across the world. We’ve also included some conferences and online gatherings that are often of interest to Unschooling families.

TexUns Conference
The TexUns Conference is much like a family reunion, but even better! It’s a celebration of living and learning naturally. Whether you’ve attended each year or you’re brand new, the connections made during the weekend run deep.  Everyone who attends quickly sinks into the relaxed feeling of belonging. We believe that all children deserve the right to evolve into who they were born to be rather than be shaped into what someone else believes they should be. Our deepest wish is to provide a community in which we can support each other in living inspired lives filled with joy.

Alphabetically by state:

Free To Be Unschooling Conference – Phoenix, AZ
The Free to Be Unschooling Conference is a celebration of living and learning outside the box.  We believe that one of our most important jobs as parents is to act as our children’s partners and facilitators… to walk beside them as they navigate the world, living and learning with passion and joy, according to their own personal path in life.   This conference aims to help us support each other in doing just that.

HSC Homeschool Conference – San Jose, CA
So much more than just a conference – it’s a celebration, a party, a statewide gathering of homeschoolers and their families for learning, friendship, support, and fun! Featuring some of the best-known speakers in the homeschooling and parenting community, HSC’s annual conference is a place to explore, relax, learn and find time to meet with new friends. It’s a place where everything you need to know about homeschooling is under one roof for an entire weekend!  (While HSC is not specifically an Unschooling conference, they always have a lot of Unschool-friendly speakers & resources.)

Unschooling NOW – Colorado Springs, CO
This gathering is designed to discuss unschooling, life-learning, parenthood, human-hood…. LIFE! We are not only exploring the education component, but we are exploring the family and the community, not to mention…. each individual. We welcome people open to growth, open to exploring, open to respect of every individual, and most importantly….. love and respect of our young as the amazing human beings that they truly are.

Northeast Unschooling Conference – Wakefield, MA
NEUC provides a dynamic mix of speakers, presentations, hands-on arts workshops, opportunities for reflection, connection with a broader unschooling community, and conference activities geared towards engaging, entertaining, inspiring, and empowering each member of your family.

Autodidactic Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers – Spruce Pine, NC
ARGH is a secular family gathering by and for unschoolers of all ages which takes place in Spruce Pine, NC. This organic event relies on participants to host activities, making each gathering unique, helps keep costs low, and creates a feeling of community. Connecting with others interested in unschooling and the whole-wide-world helps build community, enrich our learning experiences, develops new friendships and encourages a lot of FUN!

Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering – Sandusky, OH
The purpose of the Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering is to facilitate and to inspire a sense of unity, connection, and community in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and fun.

LIFE is Good Conference – Vancouver, WA
The LIFE is Good Conference invites you to join us and experience an unschooling community first hand. You’ll have an opportunity to make new friends, deepen existing friendships, form connections and find the piece that just may be missing from your unschooling journey– a strong, supportive and vibrant group of families to share it with.

Project World School
Teens and young adults are invited to participate in Project World School‘s immersive learning events around the world. Designed for homeschoolers, unschoolers and democratic learners alike, we offer immersive multi-day retreats formed as Temporary Learning Communities. Each retreat utilizes the enigmatic landscape of our host country as the canvas for exploration and discovery.