After Graduation

Concerned about how prepared Unschoolers are for College, University, Trade Schools, Military, etc.?  What about alternatives to traditional post-secondary education?

(If you’re looking for information on building a transcript see Record Keeping and Transcripts)

Actually, let’s back up a moment.  In Texas, Unschoolers can earn college credit even before they graduate in a variety of ways.  Not all of these options transfer well (or at all) to every post-secondary program.  We strongly recommend you research the pros & cons of each to determine which, if any, are a good fit for your Unschooler and their goals.  Specifically, contact the institution your child is interested in attending to be sure credits will transfer/be applied. 

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit
Many Unschoolers opt to take Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit classes via their local community college.  If you are in-district many of the fees may be waived.  Since the requirements/availability vary so widely – we recommend you contact your local Community College to learn more. 

College Board
College Planning Help for Homeschoolers

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

AP (Advanced Placement)
I’m Homeschooled How Can I Take an AP Exam?

Do Colleges accept Unschoolers?  Do Unschoolers do well in College?  The answer is a resounding yes.  You may find these links reassuring:

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Is College the best option?  Are there other alternatives?

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