About Texas Unschoolers


We’re happy you’ve found us and we look forward to supporting & encouraging you as you learn more about Unschooling, specifically the nuances of Unschooling in Texas.

More than a decade ago, Michelle Conaway recognized the need to connect like-minded families across our HUGE State. Texas Unschoolers was born! What began as a Yahoo group has expanded and transitioned into this website, social media, and the Texas Unschoolers Conference.

The Texas Unschoolers website, social media, Facebook group, and TexUns Conference are completely run by a small group of volunteers. We invite you to learn more about Michelle, her family, and everyone else who volunteers their time and talents to Texas Unschoolers on our Contributors page.

While we’re most active on Facebook – you can connect with us on social media here:

If you’ve just discovered Unschooling or want to learn more check out New Unschoolers.

To dive deeper, visit our FAQ page.

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