Support and Community

Connecting with experienced and local Unschoolers can make a big difference. Reading articles, blogs, and books about how Unschoolers live and learn helps us dive deeper into all the joy that Unschooling has to offer. Below you’ll find pages dedicated to helping you find your tribe locally and online as well as a host of options to learn more. Additionally, we have collected hundreds of inspirational and thought provoking quotes on Unschooling and learning.

TexUns on Social Media

Texas Regional Support Groups

Texas Self-Directed/Sudbury inspired schools/co-ops/communities

Worldwide Online Support Groups

Unschooling Conferences

Unschool Friendly Coaches & Counselors

Unschooling & Learning Quotes provide inspiration and reassurance.

Both Pam Laricchia at Living Joyfully and Sue Patterson of Unschooling Mom2Mom have put together extensive resource pages which include books, podcasts, videos and more:

Resources at Living Joyfully

Resources at Unschooling Mom2Mom