Self-Directed/Sudbury inspired schools/co-ops/communities

Looking for a school, Community or co-op to support your self-directed learner?

Note: We acknowledge that many people differentiate between Unschooling and Self-Directed, Sudbury, or Democratic learning communities/schools.  Because it’s a resource that some Unschooling families find useful, we are including a listing of those available in Texas. 

We encourage you to research each individually.  Please note that while many of these programs use the same verbiage to describe their environment/culture it can often be a completely unique experience.  Links are provided for information purposes only, Texas Unschoolers does not endorse, recommend, or make any representations about the entities listed below.

(Looking for Regional Unschooling Groups?)

Programs are listed alphabetically by city.

Abrome (Austin)
Abrome is a Self-Directed Education community that is an alternative to conventional schooling and dominant culture, where young people get the opportunity to lead remarkable lives. Abrome is Emancipated Learning.

Austin Self-Learning Dojo/Galileo XP
Austin Self-Learning is partnering with the innovative online global learning program Galileo and together, we are offering the best of online and in-person group learning for students.

EPIC life learning community (Carrollton)
An intentional learning community serving students 4-18 by offering a rich, supportive space for children to thrive by empowering them to engage with their interests and the world around them.

Houston Sudbury School
A non-profit, democratically-run, Sudbury-model school for Houston, TX area children ages 6-18.  Founded in 2015 by a group of passionate parents, Houston Sudbury School is dedicated to giving Houston area parents a bold choice in education. Houston Sudbury School is a non-profit private school that offers children aged six to eighteen the rich benefits of self-directed learning in a mixed-age environment. Our students are fully empowered to spend their days as they choose and have an equal voice and vote in all matters involved in running their school, journeying to independence in a safe environment that balances freedom with responsibility.

Fort Worth Sudbury School
A self-directed Sudbury school serving ages 5-18. Instead of curriculum, classes, and assignments, students learn through play, individual mentoring, and authentically helping to run the school. Each student is given the individual freedom to pursue their own passions, and develop their own educational path.  At Fort Worth Sudbury School students come to truly know themselves, charting their own educational pathways preparing them for an adulthood in which they will become independent, and self directed problem solvers. 

Unschooling Center San Antonio
This is a group of parents that are working on opening an unschool type of community center in San Antonio, Texas. We are looking for input and ideas. Also, we would like to get an idea of how many families feel their children would benefit from this and would be interested in participating. How many children and teens are interested and would like to have an unschool center available to them? Please feel free to join the (Unschooling Center San Antonio) group and share your thoughts and ideas.

The Unschool of San Antonio
The Unschool of San Antonio is a child-centered, nature-based private microschool welcoming children ages four through eight. We cultivate the happiest, most wholesome parts of childhood – play, fun, nature, laughter, warmth – and offer cutting edge pedagogy centered on the fullness of each child’s humanity.

South East Central Texas Homeschoolers
A microschool/homeschool co-op geared toward gifted/2e/nuerodivergent learners. We use an unschool/Sudbury school approach, with the curriculum (if any) being strength-based, talent-focused, secular, and elected by all members.