Record Keeping and Transcripts

Maintaining a Portfolio/Record Keeping

In Texas, homeschoolers are not required to mark attendance, test, keep records or report to State agencies in any way.  (see Texas Homeschool Laws.)

We strongly believe that continually trying to “classify” interests and life experiences can be a hindrance to Unschooling.  We do not recommend that Unschooling families attempt to maintain an “official” portfolio or records.  It can be quite disruptive to life and learning.

However, we understand that there may be times where it is necessary.  We are most frequently contacted regarding divorce/separation situations where the non-custodial parent &/or the court is asking for documentation.  For families in this situation – you may find these links helpful:

Unschoolers and Record Keeping by Sue Patterson

Recordkeeping for Unschoolers by Pam Sorooshian/Learning Happens

Educationese for Beginners by Linda Dobson/Parent at the Helm

(See Reluctant Partner or Spouse if you’re trying to convince relatives.)


As our children enter their teen years, we begin looking at their goals for after graduation.  Some paths may require a more formal looking transcript.  We strongly recommend contacting the College, University, Trade School, Military recruiter, etc to find out what information they are looking for.  Many times families don’t need to spend the time/effort building a transcript they assume they need to.  Additionally, some may accept a test score (ACT, SAT, TSI, etc) instead of a transcript. 

Students who utilize Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit classes during their high school years may be able to skip all/part of transcripts/testing as they might be viewed as transfer students.

Even if you determine that creating a transcript is necessary keep in mind that assigning credits, grades or grade points may not be required.  You may find these links helpful:

Unschooling Transcripts by Unschooling Mom2Mom

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Unschooling High School Transcript by Unschool Rules

For more information about how Unschoolers prepare for College, University, Trade Schools, Military, etc, see After Graduation.