Thank you to Unschooling Mom2Mom for this
handy guide showing some ways Unschoolers
learn to spell.

Like all subjects, Unschoolers learn to spell by interacting with the world around them. As they read – anything from simple words at the grocery store to chat in a game to books – they’re exposed to hundred or even thousands of words a day. Their skills are further honed by auto-correct features, asking for help, or even self-identifying that they’ve spelled something incorrectly. Like all skills it takes time and practice. As Unschoolers there is no rush and they can learn to enjoy spelling and language on their own time table.

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Video games are almost completely responsible for the massive growth in Ashar’s spelling ability in the past two years. Some of it is direct – the need to type in commands, spelled correctly, for instance. In other cases, Skyping while playing Minecraft and talking to friends has led to the natural consequence of better spelling, because Ashar wants to be understood.

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