Websites & Blogs

John Holt – What is Unschooling
John Holt was a pioneer of the homeschooling and unschooling movement in the U.S. Read more about him and the books he published at the Growing Without Schooling website.
Sandra Dodd
Sandra Dodd is one of the leading unschooling advocates and a popular speaker at homeschooling and unschooling conferences.
Texas Unschoolers Closed Facebook Group
Our Private Facebook group, request to join and we will add you.
Texas Unschoolers Public Facebook Page
Our Public Facebook Group
Alternatives to School
Founded by Peter Gray and other educational researchers, academics, activists, and writers promoting educational reform towards self-directed learning.
Freedom to Learn
Peter Gray's blog on Psychology Today about the roles of play and curiosity as foundations for learning.
The Beginner’s Guide to Unschooling
From Leo Babauta’s popular Zen Habits website.
Living Joyfully
Pam Laricchia’s resources to help you explore living and learning without school.
Joyfully Rejoycing
Large collection of unschooling articles and resources.
Life Long Learning
Sue Patterson — Managing Editor of The Homeschooler Magazine, coach, and mother of three grown unschoolers.
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Another wonderful site created by Sue Patterson for unschoolers. Lots of resources for both season unschoolers and those new to unschooling.
Michelle Conaway
Thoughts on unschooling and life from the founder of Texas Unschoolers.