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Houston Unschooling Kids
HUK is a meetup group that supports a REAL LIFE community of unschoolers in the Houston area. We coordinate events, share information, and discuss relevant topics, all in the service of exploring unschooling and living a life engaged with our children, families, and community.

Katy/West Houston Unschoolers
This group is for those that unschool or radically unschool in the West Houston/Katy area. We also welcome those wanting to learn more about the unschooling philosophy.

Families Learning Freely
Families Learning Freely is a meet-up group for unschooling-compatible families in the Greater Houston area. Our purpose in creating this group is to enrich and expand our lives within a secure community of supportive families.

Montgomery County Unschoolers
This group is for unschoolers in and around Montgomery County, Texas. This is a group for active meetups with unschoolers and those with like minded ideals.

Cypress Inclusive Homeschoolers
Cypress Inclusive Homeschoolers is a non-hierarchical parent-led cooperative. Our philosophy revolves around mutual respect and communication. The goal of this group is to unite families in Cypress that seek community among a diverse group of people.

Katy/Houston Unschooling Parent Support Group
KHUP is a group being formed for the purpose of supporting and empowering parents in the Katy/Houston area on the Unschooling Path via “real life” meetings and events designed specifically for parents.

This is a public group where we will post events such as Q&A’s, Book Discussions, speakers and possible movies/other events designed specifically to support unschooling parents.

Houston Homeschooling/Unschooling Teen Scene
Teen Scene is a group specifically for Houston Area Home School/Unschooling teens, age 12 and up. If you live in Houston, Cypress, Woodlands, Spring, Katy, Pasadena, or any other surrounding areas, and want to to SOCIALIZE with other teens your age, this is the group you have been looking for.

Kingwood Homeschool/Unschooling Group

This is an informal group for homeschoolers and unschoolers in Kingwood and surrounding areas. This group is meant to create a community outlet to meet the needs of alternative learning families. We can post local events and opportunities within our local circle. Also, we can easily set up meet up times for park play and various other events as we move along. We also welcome all forms of alternative learning practices as well as anyone curious about them.

The Real School – Houston

The School is a non-hierarchical learning environment, free of coercion and control and rooted in consensus decision making. It aims to build a community of trust and liberation through education. The Real School believes that learning and living are one, and that true learning comes from within, motivated and directed by the learner. Others in the community may help and support, but not control or manipulate, the learner.



Dallas Unschooling Community
This Facebook group is for those unschooling in the Dallas area. Join the meet ups or find out about their Sudbury “style” Coop.

Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Unschoolers
Unschoolers Facebook group for Dallas/Fort Worth area unschoolers.

Denton Area Unschoolers
Unschoolers Facebook group for Denton area unschoolers.

DFW Unschooling Families
Our colorful group of unschooling parents, grandparents, teens, and children of all ages converge in both Dallas and Ft. Worth (and elsewhere in the metroplex) for personal connections, lots of play, and thought-provoking discussion. We find joy in connecting with other unschoolers who also are striving to learn and love their way through life.

North Texas Homeschooled Teen Social Group
NTHTSG is a secular social group for homeschooled/unschooled teens, their families, and friends who live in or around the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Membership in our BigTent group is required prior to approval to the Facebook group.

Radiant Living & Learning – North Texas
Exploring whole-life and self-directed Learning. Honoring our children and reconnecting with our inner-wisdom on parenting, learning and living a Radiant Life! Visit our website

Kids Unleashed- Dallas, Fort Worth, Euless

We are a group of dedicated homeschool parents looking to enrich homeschool students social interactions by organizing activities through various gatherings and events.



Austin Unschooling Facebook & Yahoo Groups
This is a group created to foster community among unschooling families in Austin. This is a space for sharing information, organizing meet-ups, discussing relevant topics, and supporting one another.

Central Texas Unschoolers
This group is for families in the Central Texas area to learn about unschooling and connect with others who are living and exploring it in their daily lives.

Hays County Unschoolers
Unschool, natural learning, lifelong learning, learning through play, radical unschooling: whatever you call it. If you live in Hays County TX and educate your kids using this alternative approach (which is really the original way to learn), please join us! Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, Wimberley, Dripping Springs, or even south Austin to New Braunfels are welcome.

Unschooling San Antonio
Are you unschooling in San Antonio? Let’s get connected!

Hutto/Round Rock Homeschool Co-Op
This is a place for homeschooling, unschooling, and education driven parents to come together. In time, I hope this will be a community of members to hold classes or workshops with our students. All backgrounds are welcome, and any attempt to bully or force your views will not be tolerated. Respectful discussions and behavior is expected. Events will be hosted near the Hutto or Round Rock area, with potential field trips planned when organized. Specific Membership instructions can be found in the description area of our Facebook Group.

Killeen, Temple, Fort Hood Texas area Homeschool Group
This group is for any home schoolers and unschooled families to talk and do fun events with their children so that the children can meet new friends.



East Texas Unschoolers Co-op
A group of like-minded individuals forming a co-op to meet the needs of unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers. We are a non-religious group but welcome those of any and every religion to join.

Burleson County Texas Homeschoolers
Burleson Homeschoolers is an all inclusive homeschooling group in Burleson County between Austin and College Station.



West Texas – Y.E.A.H (Youth Educated at Home)

An inclusive network of independent homeschooling families and members of various support groups, co-ops, and organizations. These families unite to support the homeschool community at large by sharing creative ideas, knowledge of educational and community events, personal support and social opportunities with other families who home-educate in and around Midland, Texas. You can also join our Yahoo group here.

West Texas Homeschool Co-op

We are an inclusive co-op and education resource for homeschooling families in the Midland/Odessa area.

Dream Big – Lubbock Unschoolers
This is a forum where Lubbock Unschoolers can join together and share ideas and make new friendships bloom. No derogatory post will be tolerated. This group is for unshoolers and those who what to learn more about unschooling in the Lubbock area. We may discuss other issues as they come up that are not directly related to unschooling most topics will not be considered taboo. However, we will all keep an open mind and not judge!

Lubbock Unschoolers

This group is for Unschoolers, Radical Unschoolers, anyone wanting to move closer to Unschooling, and those who are interested in, inspired by, and/or curious about Unschooling who are living in Lubbock and surrounding areas.

The hope and vision for this group is to create and grow (through conversation, meet-ups, and celebrations) a connected local community of kind, open, engaged, and curious learners–adults and children alike!! A place to celebrate the partnership between parents and children, where our focus is living more peacefully with our children so that natural learning can flourish.



Rio Grande Valley Homeschool & Unschooling Families
An inclusive but secular (non-religious) home school support group for the Rio Grande Valley.

Corpus Christi Unschoolers

This group was created with the intention of connecting and creating a community of unschoolers. Let’s connect!



South East Central Texas Homeschoolers

A microschool/homeschool co-op geared toward gifted/2e/nuerodivergent learners. We use an unschool/Sudbury school approach, with the curriculum (if any) being strength-based, talent-focused, secular, and elected by all members.




Unschooling Mom2Mom
Thinking about unschooling and how it could work for your family?
Just starting out? Or maybe you’ve been unschooling, something shifted and now you feel stuck. Veteran and experienced unschooling moms are here to help you figure it all out!

This group is for anyone who learns from the whole world around them! It’s for anyone who thinks travelling the world and exploring cultures very different than your own offers invaluable learning experiences! And it’s for anyone involved in unschooling and free self-directed education!

Creative Unschooling Kids
This group is for those kids who want to share what they are doing! It can be drawings, youtube videos, crafts, blogs, poems or whatever your child wants to share with the world. Post it here so that we’ll all know how to find your art!

Unschooling Gamers
This group is for unschooling gamers of ALL ages. Come connect with other gamers here.

Nomadic Unschooling
Living, growing and learning with our children while watching them discover their passions, gifts and skills is a wonderful and amazing opportunity. To also be able to travel the US and discover the beauty alongside your family is like icing on the cake. Joyfully discovering new and amazing sights each day has to be the ultimate in dream making.

This group is a place for nomadic families that are living this dream while also following the principles of unschooling.

Radical Unschooling Info
LInks and directions to information for new and experienced Unschoolers who extend that learning beyond academics.Whole Life Unschooling

Unschoolers Seek
This is a group to connect Unschoolers around the world!

My Unschooler Is Interested In…
This group was inspired by the sticky-note thing at Wide Sky Days 2012 and is intended to help you gather resources for whatever your unschooler is interested in.