Unschooling Friendly Coaches and Counselors

Need a bit of help and encouragement on the Unschooling Path? Perhaps you’ll consider a little help from these wonderful Unschooling friendly counselors and coaches.

Catherine White, MA
Catherine White lives in Nashville, TN and is a strong  advocate for unschooling. She specializes in Public school and navigation, various home-schooling approaches, Unschooling, Online education and/or switching between any combination thereof.
Visit her website at Counseling with Catherine to learn more about her services.

Michelle Barone, MA, LMFT, DCEP
Michelle Barone offers the Homeschooling Summit: Informative interviews to support you and your family as you deepen your understanding and commitment to yourself and your family.. She does coaching and mentoring for unschooling families who need extra support. Visit her website for more information.

Sue Patterson Coaching and Mentoring
Sue Patterson lives in the outskirts of Austin in our home state of Texas. Her mission is in helping families figure out how they can dive into homeschooling, create a fabulous learning environment that looks NOTHING like school, and bring all the joy back into their family life. She is certified through the Martha Beck program and is available for one on one, Skype or phone consultations. To learn more, visit her at her website.

Marji Zintz, Marji Zintz, also known as the Peaceful Parent Whisperer, lives in New York and works with clients through one-on-one, group, and/or email coaching, helping them identify and integrate tools and support they need to raise happy and healthy kids in a joyous, thriving, and…yes…peaceful home. Visit her website to learn more.