Houston Area Field Trips

We know there are TONS of blogs about Houston.  However, when searching for things to do in the city ~ we found that “Houston Field Trips” didn’t bring up much info other than a few museums.  Additionally, the majority of links were directed at Public/Private School teachers and administrators or “Group Tours” for adults.

Houston is an amazing city and offers a variety of museums, parks, and events.  We are within an hour of 10 State Parks/Historic Sites.  There are numerous factories that offer tours and hands on demonstrations.  Homeschooling is a wonderful journey that allows our children numerous experiences that are limited in a typical “brick-n-mortar” school setting.  As Homeschoolers, even more so as Unschoolers ~ our approach, goals, and preferences often differ from those of school administrators.

Our family wanted to share options for homeschoolers wishing to visit popular locations and a few places you may not have heard of.

Why Take Field Trips

How to Have a Great Family Trip

Tips for Planning a Group Trip

Free Field Trips

Events by Month

About the author: Rachel has been married to her high school sweetheart, Josh, for 16 years. They unschool with their son & daughter in the Houston suburbs. In addition to gaming, traveling, sewing, swimming, reading, and facilitating anything else they’re interested in ~ Rachel sporadically blogs here and at Christian Unschooling.  If you want to meet her in person, you’re likely to catch her at the TexUns Conference or Free to Be Conference.