Camp Worker Opportunities

Do you need to offset some of your conference fee expense in order to attend? No worries! We may be able to match you up with some camp worker opportunities at the conference which will earn you dollars towards your conference fees. PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to give credits that will cover your entire conference fees. Please choose the ones you are most interested in to receive a reasonable discount and then fill out the work application form below. OR do you have an idea for a FUNshop or Workshop? We’d love to hear your ideas. Contact us below and we will discuss conference credits!

Please Note: Camp Worker Opportunities are NOT available to day pass holders. Thank you.

The Low-Down on TexUns Camp Workers

We’ve implemented a Camp Worker program and we would love to have you be a part of the TexUns Team! The best way to do that is to fill out our application form and tell us a bit about yourself, your skills and which jobs you are interested in applying for. PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE YOU REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE ON THE WEBSITE. It’s difficult and time consuming to issue refunds so please secure your volunteer spot BEFORE you register. We will be processing your applications and getting back to you within 48 hours of receiving your application with discounted rate and instructions on how to register for the conference as a camp worker.

Below you will find a list of positions that are available. We’d love to fill all of these positions, so if you’re willing and able, please consider becoming a TexUn Camp Worker and earn dollars towards your conference fees.

How Much can I earn towards conference fees as a TexUns Camp Worker?

Next to each job opportunity you will find a $ amount. That $ amount will be discounted from the registration fee that is effective at the time you contact us. If you have an idea for a workshop or Funshop and would like to lead it, please contact us through the application form below with your idea and we’ll get back to you regarding approval and Registration credits.

Texas Unschoolers Commitment to our Camp Workers

Texas Unschoolers commits to:

As facilitators of this conference, we commit to:

  1. Making this a first rate conference experience for our camp workers and their families.
  2. Giving our camp workers an opportunity to attend the conference at discounted rates
  3. Communicating openly and effectively with our work teams
  4. Doing our best to make the conference affordable to everyone by creating valuable job opportunities that are fun and help you connect with this wonderful unschooling community in a big way.

The Camp Worker’s Commitment to the Conference

As a camp worker you commit to:

  1. Being on time to each volunteer opportunity you sign up for
  2. Being fully prepared with materials and whatever else may be needed to effectively carry out your duties in the position(s) you’ve accepted.
  3. Communicate in a timely manner with Michelle Conaway and/or Rachel Miller should anything about your work position change.
  4. To follow all of the guidelines/rules presented to us by our venue.
  5. To communicate any issues that may arise during set up or during your shift to Michelle Conaway and/or Rachel Miller.
  6. To take our Texas Unschoolers Vision and Guiding Principals to heart and to hold these visions as you perform your various duties.
  7. To be willing to work at your scheduled time and be flexible if this time slot should change.
  8. So that your young children have full attention, please consider enlisting another parent to help with them during your work commitment.

We take the planning of this conference seriously, so we ask that you please be sure of your ability to commit to your Camp Worker position. Once we have approved your assignments, we will be counting on you to be on time and fully prepared for each of your jobs. When we get closer to the event, you will receive an email with all of the details about your position. We will do our very best to match you up with the position that you want, but we ask that you be flexible and willing to switch jobs if needed. Thank you in advance for your commitment to making this conference AWESOME!

The Camp Worker Positions

30This position will require that the worker be available Thursday Evening from 5:30 to 7:30 to help check in the attendees.
Cartoon Cafe Monitor Thursday Evening (1/2 Hour)
10This position will be responsible for keeping the Cartoon Cafe clean and Tidy. Each Monitor will be assigned one day of the conference to periodically check the Cartoon Cafe
Cartoon Cafe Monitor Fri
Cartoon Cafe Monitor Sat
Cartoon Cafe Monitor Sun
Face Painter Friday 130We need at least 6 Face Painters to be available for 2 hour period. Face Paint will be provided
Face Painter Friday 2
Face Painter Friday 3
Face Painter Sunday 130
Face Painter Sunday 230
Face Painter Sunday 330
Campfire Clean Up Saturday Evening15This position will clean up around the campsite and campfire before nights end.
Nerf Gun Coordinator (Ages 4-8)25This person will organize a Nerf Gun Game for the younger kids
Nerf Gun Coordinator (Ages 10+)25This person will organize a Nerf Gun Game for the older kids
Your Idea or FunShopTBDDo you have a special talent? Let us know if you'd like to host a FunShop or event and we'll let you know what we can do for discounted rate.
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