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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by TexDad, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. TexDad

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    Tell us a little about yourself if you like — where you live, where you grew up, former and current life paths, what brought you here, your favorite movies, books, music, food, fun stuff to do, whatever.

    I am the father of two unschooled boys in Katy, TX, married to a wise woman who recognized the need to take a different path. Our daughter attended public schools, graduating high school in 2006, and we made the decision to pull our boys out shortly thereafter when they were just getting started. The unschooling path has been a positive one for us.

    We enjoy traveling when we can, and having long talks at the dinner table about all kinds of everything. The boys love gaming, got their start with Minecraft and have expanded to many other games since then. I work in the IT field, specializing in Apple technologies and website development. I believe in humanity and I know we can make the world a better place when we work together.
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  2. PianoSteve

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    Hi! I'm the father of two children, a son who is 23 and a daughter who is 9. We first pulled our son from public school when he was entering 9th grade. We homeschooled him through the high school years, and during that time, made a gradual move from more structured homeschooling to more of an unschooling mindset. Our philosophy for life learning ("freedom schooling" our daughter called it once!) wasn't really established at the time, but has since become a much stronger foundation to build on. So, with our daughter, we started unschooling from the very beginning.

    The four of us (along with our cat) live and travel in a 38-foot motorhome, and have been doing so since December 1, 2012. At the time of this writing, we have visited about 29 states, put 30,000 miles on the house, and have already experienced and seen a lot of really cool parts of our country, with more to come. We have plans in the rest of 2016 to add an additional 10,000 miles or so and another 14 states, I believe.

    We are legally residents of Texas through the organization Escapees, located in Livingston, TX. That is our official mailing address for residency purposes, voter registration, drivers licenses, etc. So we are technically "Texas Unschoolers" even if we aren't in Texas a majority of the time!

    I am a freelance musician, doing some performance work, but also a lot of commissioned arranging and orchestrating for various musicians. In addition, I do freelance computer work (custom web application development) and have several clients with that side of my "career."

    My wife, Christy, works part-time with Attachment Parenting International as an assistant to the CEO and also as the Volunteer Coordinator and Liaison.

    Our son is into gaming and music (he's a talented guitarist) and is passionate about social issues. Our daughter loves singing and acting and stuffed animals and watching YouTube videos to learn about lots of things.

    My wife and I both love to deconstruct all kinds of structures, and to date have not only deconstructed our views on education, but also on religion/church and relationships in general. We love to talk, think outside boxes, read and listen to various viewpoints, and to live our lives as freely as possible without constraints of societal expectations! ;)

    Our main passion in life is to love others and live at peace, and to model both of those for our children so that they may do the same.
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  3. TexMom

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    Thanks for the introduction PianoSteve! Loved all of what you had to say and what you are doing in the world!
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  4. TexMom

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    I'm mom to 3 kids ages 29, 15 and 13. I started Texas Unschoolers back in 2012 and have loved watching the group evolve into this new community of free thinkers.

    My daughter(29) went through first private then the public school system until graduation in 2006. She struggled with all of it and I saw her love of learning dwindle with each passing year. She has unschooled right along with us every since she graduated high school and her love of learning has returned beautifully.

    When my son went to Kindergarten, we realized that he was not only not enjoying it but losing his love for learning as well. He didn't want to go to school and when he was there was very unhappy.

    Half way through 1st grade we pulled him out, not sure how we were going to educate him. We started with a more structured "school at home" approach and quickly realized he was having none of that! We relaxed over the next few months and by the end of that year we were learning naturally and organically. Our youngest son never went to school (unless you count the 4 weeks he decided to try 3rd grade. He dropped out immediately when he realized it wasn't the "social party" he was expecting.

    Along the way we have questioned everything from education, religion, diet and health, health insurance, faith and spirituality, politics, government, parenting and everything in between. We have been so lucky to meet other wonderful people along this awakening path and are excited to discuss these things here with all of you. Welcome to the community!
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  5. Catherine

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    Hello! My name is Catherine White, and I am not a mom! My inner-child keeps me busy enough. Nice to meet those of you who have posted here.
    I struggled through public school and tried to become a teacher to make things better. Ha. My path has winded from there, to the corporate world, then to entrepreneurship as a private tutor, and currently professional counseling. My husband Patrick and I live in Nashville, TN (I am, proudly, from Houston, TX) and both of us work with kids and adolescents. If we had our own kids, I don't think we would have the energy to research, study, and support kids and parents. I love unschooling for kids, and consult with any family interested in making the transition between and among all kinds of educational environments. One dream I have is to provide a democratic school for a few individuals.
    This being said, you might be surprised to hear that my husband is a teacher of English and psychology at a public school. However, he is highly experienced and educated, which allows him to work within a state system and still teach critical thinking and creative self expression. I admire him. He actually is making things better. I have less tolerance.
    We love to re-think everything and ask questions. Most recently, Patrick asked where lightning bugs go during the day. "Are they there and we don't see them? If they didn't light up, would we swat at them and find them gross? If roaches lit up, would we say, 'How cute!'" Summer Patrick. He is on a much deserved break right now.
    Favorite movies: The Matrix, most indies, Inside Out, and Summerhill!
    Books: Seat of the Soul (Gary Zukav), The Prophet (Kahlil Gibran)
    For Fun: stand-up comedy, waterslides, dancing, naps, writing
    I look forward to getting to know you all better.
    Thank you for reading,
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  6. Catherine

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  7. Catherine

    Catherine < 25 posts

    Hello Piano Steve. Michelle tells me you and your wife and family are currently in Georgia! Y'all are inspiring. I'm in Nashville, TN. I too refer to attachment parenting within attachment theory in my work with kids and parent! : )
  8. TexMom

    TexMom 25+ Posts Admin

    Thanks for the introduction Catherine! So glad to see you participating here! I love the work you are doing in the world and definitely think you are a great fit for this community! Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  9. TexMom

    TexMom 25+ Posts Admin

    Catherine - So glad you are here on the forums! Thank you for introducing yourself. Hope to hear more from you!
  10. LB Rumery

    LB Rumery < 25 posts

    Hi! I am Liza and I am the primary unschooling parent of Luna, who was born in 2009. My husband is Scot. Currently, the three of us travel the U.S. in a travel trailer. We have been on the road since June 2015. We have seen about half the country and are now residing at Fort McDowell in Arizona for at least three months. We love what we do.

    Scot and I were born in Michigan. Luna was born in Arizona. Scot is a web developer and his ability to work remotely is one way we do what we do. Luna has never been to school; we consider ourselves radical unschoolers/natural learners. Scot and Luna play lots of Minecraft together and are great pals. We are a very close family.

    I am a high creative liberal artist at heart. I have lived in many places and have wanderlust in my bones. My background is in psych, Spanish/language and women's studies. I spent a lot of time in restaurant and as a teacher. I also spent a lot of time in non-profit/social work/the arts. When I became pregnant at 36, I stopped working away from home and focused on my creative life. Most of my creative work now revolves around writing and parenting, but I am also a painter, cook, singer, philosopher, athlete and linguist. I love language and culture. Yoga and meditation are priorities in my life. I write for our website, for my husband's business, for a travel site and here at Texas Unschoolers! Mostly, though, I am mom and wife and love my Service to my husband and daughter.

    I am grateful to this forum. I hope to hear more from others soon.

    Peace and love.
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  11. TexDad

    TexDad 25+ Posts Admin

    Welcome Liza!
  12. TexMom

    TexMom 25+ Posts Admin

    Hi Liza and thank you so much for introducing yourself! So glad you are here on the forums. Can't wait for some great discussions!

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