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Considering My Parenting

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by LB Rumery, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. LB Rumery

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    Hi, all,

    Oh, how I wish we were closer and could meet in a coffee shop somewhere once a week! I'll just drink coffee while I write. LOL

    Finally finding time to put some thoughts together here. As we have traveled now for over a year and have changed campground/RV resort types and, therefore, atmospheres, I find myself often wondering lately how I am doing as an unschooling parent, or rather, how my daughter is doing while we are doing all of this travel and changing environments. I didn't always feel this way. It has only happened as we have changed locations recently, especially over the summer where there were an abundance of new playmates of all ages for her while we stayed in San Diego. Meanwhile, some family that our daughter adores are back in Michigan. She misses them, but not longingly it seems; rather, just as a thought of love and that it would be nice to play and hang out with them occasionally.

    What we know about our full time travel lifestyle is that we all love to be together. It is clear that our daughter wants to be wherever we are, which is traveling full time now. Also, I believe it when she says that she loves this life, yet I wonder sometimes if she is just pleasing us. I also believe it when she says that she would (one day) love to live closer to her grandmothers and other family; however, she would also love to live close to her many new friends. I guess what I don't know about is the wonderments of seven-year-olds generally, particularly in more traditional environments. Do they want/need more? Are they always so distracted or have short term memory? LOL Do most of them just want everything close to them, all of the things/people they love? We suspect that we will have a homebase somewhere by the end of next year probably, a place that we call home about six to eight months a year. The rest of the time we will travel.

    As I write this, I don't know that I necessarily believe everything I write. I think that deep down I know that this is a Divine path that we are on and that it is ALL GOOD. I do believe for certain that my ego likes to play tricks on me, trying to convince me that I am not doing enough. We are all thriving on this journey of ours. So perhaps it's all in my head. But I can't help but wonder if any of you unschooling parents out there feel as though you are doing enough, or that your child has what he or she needs. Would love a discussion.

    Love to all.

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    Hi Liza - thanks for your thoughtful posts. We are still trying to get this community "kick-started" a bit so I hope you will stick around and that others will engage. We think there is some potential for these forums and hope to see more folks get involved.
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    I agree! Good work, everyone. I am keeping an eye open. :)
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    I just love your post Liza! Don't we all wonder about the path, particularly the path we are taking our kids down? I know I do at times.

    What I loved is that you are asking questions - especially of your mind. The mind loves to play tricks on us - doesn't it? It is so easy to get off thinking about some other moment and totally missing the one we're in right now. When I look at my kids in the moment - they are ALWAYS great! It's when I start wondering if they are really happy or if they will be successful or ....fill in the blank. But, when I remember that they ARE happy right now and they ARE successful right NOW, I come back to peace.

    I know that you know these things. This is merely me mirroring for you what you already know.

    Not being enough, doing enough, working enough, being a good enough parent...blah, blah, blah. It is the mantra of our society. It is hard to remember that we are ENOUGH...period. I love this newspaper clipping that my cousin gave me. I have it hanging on my wall in my office to remind me that I am ENOUGH!

    I think it is inevitable that parents, especially parents who have chosen an alternative path for their family, are bound to have moments where they question the path. Or wonder if they're doing the right thing. Or get nervous about it. But like you said, we are on a divine path and when we trust the path, we are happy. And when we are happy things come to us effortlessly. And we KNOW what steps to take next, in the moment that they need to be taken.

    Thanks so much for starting this thread. It is one that I believe a lot of people will relate to.

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