Conference Vision and Guiding Principles


The main purpose for creating this conference is to establish a space where unschooling families can gather in a real life, relaxed and peaceful setting. A place where we feel honored and respected as we grow and learn – TOGETHER.

It is my opinion that we can all learn from each other. NO one person has all the answers, especially within the confines of our own uniqueness. Unschooling in my mind is about coming to a comfortable rhythm within our unique family dynamics, honoring and partnering with our children and being available and present with our children as they navigate the waters of our world. That will look different for every family.

Having said that, we come together to exchange ideals, share what has worked for us and what hasn’t , and respectfully take in the ideas of others and perhaps try them on for size. Some of those ideas will resonate, some will not but in the end WE as parents must decide what works for us, our children and our own special families.

As you speak with others at the conference, as you listen to the speakers and play and have fun, bring with you an open mind and heart. You will have many AhHa moments and then there will be moments when something does not resonate at all. This is fine and part of the unschooling journey. Our main purpose is to unite in both our similarities and our differences and honor all of the paths that have brought us to where we are today.

The Texas Unschoolers Conference is a place for us to come together to celebrate this unique journey called unschooling. Please be mindful that while there are guidelines for unschooling, they are just that, guidelines. Respect for each others opinions and lifestyles will be our priority while at the same time staying true to our own values and points of view.


We as unschoolers tend to want to test the boundaries when it comes to arbitrary RULES. However, as we come together I do believe that some guiding principles are appropriate. While Unschooling is a growing and stretching experience for the entire family, it begins as a gift that we give to our children. This is our guiding principal and one that we stay mindful of in the actions that we take, the words that we speak and the way that we interact with others.

  • By attending the Texas Unschoolers Conference you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of our host, Hill Country RV and Cottage Resort. We will respectfully comply with the safety guidelines and other rules requested by the park staff.
  •  ALL cabins and RV sites are to be thoroughly cleaned and left in the condition that you found it upon arrival. Please check with the park staff if you are unsure of what needs to be done before your departure.
  • Please be mindful and express to your children the importance of respecting the property of our venue. Please dispose of trash in the proper receptacles. Please make sure that venue property is handled carefully and returned to it’s proper location whey you are finished using it. This includes game rooms, pools, putting green supplies and supplies in all common areas of our venue.
  •  Please be aware of HOW your child is doing, HOW he or she is feeling, HOW he or she is interacting with others and what his or her limitations are. This conference gives us the opportunity to BE with our children both in the joyful moments and the challenging moments. We trust that you will share with them and help them decide, with your guidance, what might or might not be appropriate behavior in a group setting. We trust that you will serve them by finding things to do that help radiate their own brilliance within and help them to walk in the direction of joy, fun and celebration.
  •  All of the Conference Speakers will be recorded and available for download after the conference and will be yours to listen to throughout the years to come (with the exception of Q&A type sessions. These will NOT be recorded in an effort to protect the privacy of those participating in these open ended discussions).  If your child should need you, know that the talks will be available via recording and that the we understand that the well being of your child is the first priority. Children are welcome to come to the talks with you and we will have a few toys and activities in the back of the room for them to enjoy.


Please take these guiding principles to heart and bring with you a spirit of unity, fun and joy! This is sure to be a peaceful place to be with your family, a great place to connect with others on this path and a safe place to share and take in new ideas! Thanks for registering and being a part of this event! I’m thankful for YOU! ~ Michelle Conaway